This dynamic duo interweaves Moroccan savoir-faire with modern style

Marrakesh is a palette of eye-popping color: the iconic Marjorelle Blue of YSL’s garden, the golden yellow of the year-round sun, the sublime pink of the city’s clay ramparts at sunset. “You can’t help but create in a place that is so awash in color,” shares Hanane and Mehdi.


Colorful Scene at the Majorelle Garden, Marrakesh

Colorful Scene at the Majorelle Garden, Marrakesh 

The couple left their corporate lives in search of more meaning. Inspired by the colors and craftsmanship of their homeland, they launched a fashion brand that blends Moroccan savoir-faire with modern style. Everything begins with color. Vibrant hues that you can spot from afar – and that put a spring in the step of each customer. 


Picture from the Marrakesh atelier

Image from the Marrakesh atelier

Hanane is the creative force, a style maven raised amid the bolts of fabric of her father’s prêt-à-porter company. Mehdi handles the business side, managing logistics, buying, shipping, and the like. Together, the dynamic duo takes on every task, their hands-on approach assuring exceptional quality and the great relationships they have with their clients.  


When strolling the souks of Marrakesh, you’ll find a rainbow of babouches (slippers), sandals, and poufs. Amid the pungent scent of leather, you can see, and smell, how leather plays a prominent role in Morocco. The couple selects high-quality calfskin from the city’s famous tanneries for their bags and purses. Soft and wonderfully supple, the durable leather is ideal for stylish gals who are on the go.  


Leather bag close up
Handmade Leather Bag from Bynes New York

Their atelier is just 8km from the couple’s home, along the route to the stunning waterfalls in the Ourika Valley. There, an accredited artisan, Rachid, transforms Hanane’s ideas into the designs that so many women covet. Each product is born from collaboration, a conversation between designer and craftsman. As their exclusive atelier, Rachid is proud to be weaving his decades of experience into handcrafted goods that embody the soul of Morocco.

 Ourika Valley

Ourika Valley, Morocco

Jewelry is the essence of the brand. Hanane adores les bijoux for their shape, their color, and their meaning. Each jewel is sourced in the nearby Atlas Mountains by a local cooperative. They roam between clay homes in remote Berber villages, collecting handmade pieces like a “farmer harvesting cotton, of corn, or of saffron,” shares Mehdi.


Leather Bags
3-in-1 ink Leather bag with landmark Amazigh jewelry - Bynes New York

The traditional artisans craft coins, hands of Fatima, and fibula, decorative Amazigh brooches. More than mere baubles, these amulets are symbols of protection, strength, and fertility. Buying straight from the source ensures a short supply chain – and that the artisans are correctly compensated for their craftsmanship. It also keeps the savoir-faire alive. For as modern Morocco leans towards fast fashion and big brands, sustainable companies are more essential than ever. To protect these time-honored traditions – and reconnect us to what we wear.